Sanford Phase One

Sanford Phase One

“Thirty million Americans are diagnosed with a rare disease. Around 20 million of those are children. And most of these diseases are fatal… We want to develop this Phase One facility so we can lead the nation in introducing new treatments and cures…We believe we can execute this more rapidly than any group in the United States.

-David Pearce, PhD, President of Research & Innovation, Sanford Health

Sanford Health, headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, has a focus on improving the human condition. One of the ways they want to do that is through opportunities to conduct Phase One trials for new, cutting-edge treatments for rare diseases.

This project gave us an opportunity to help Sanford share their vision for Phase One trials and the hope that those trials can provide for patients and their families.

This film was instrumental in helping Sanford’s research department secure a large grant to expand Sanford’s capabilities to conduct Phase One trials—ultimately allowing them to make an even greater impact for their organization and their patients who are facing rare diseases.

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