Her Vote. Her Voice.

Her Vote. Her Voice.

“Like a century ago, there’s an urgency to our fight. To keep women’s history from slipping through the cracks. We need YOU to join our movement… women’s history is still being written. We are still fighting, still climbing, and still pushing forward…opening new doors and taking hold of new opportunities. We find our voice by listening to theirs.”

-Her Vote. Her Voice.

This year celebrates the 100-year anniversary of the passage of the 19th amendment, giving women across the United States the right to vote.

Her Vote. Her Voice. is an organization committed to remembering and celebrating the history of the women’s suffrage movement. To help bring attention to this pivotal time in our nation’s history, Her Vote. Her Voice. seeks out artifacts and stories to bring attention to the cause of women’s rights. The South Dakota Historical Society Foundation also seeks to preserve that history and lineage of women’s suffrage.

This project gave Passenger a chance to work with photos, videos, letters, and other archived elements compiled by the South Dakota Historical Society Foundation—a key partner in this project—to tell the rich story of women’s suffrage in South Dakota. Her Vote. Her Voice. wrote the script, and while the turnaround time on the project was short, we were able to make good use of the resources available.

This happened to be an ideal project during this time of social distancing. Due to its unique nature, we focused more on our post-production process to get the work done and help tell a powerful story in spite of the challenges of our current circumstances.

It was an honor for our team to help recognize this key moment in American history and celebrate women’s suffrage, as well as be reminded that there’s still more to do even today.

Please note that the piece you see here is an amended version of this project. If you want to see the full film, be sure to check it out on the Her Vote. Her Voice. website.

We also want to give a shoutout to frequent Passenger collaborator Todd Montsma for his work on motion graphics for this piece.

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