Hmong American Partnership | Bush Prize 2019

Hmong American Partnership | Bush Prize 2019

“Instead of asking people questions about what didn’t work, we ask questions about what could be possible. What did you learn? What could be different?”

-Bao Vang, President & CEO of Hmong American Partnership

The Hmong American Partnership (HAP), located in St. Paul, MN, has a mission of empowering low-income communities to overcome racial inequities and generational poverty. The way it’s achieving that mission is both innovative and inspiring.

From creating a social enterprise that trains immigrants and refugees to excel in the hospitality industry to developing a model for a charter school to improve how it serves its students, HAP continues to come up with new ways to serve through a relentlessly entrepreneurial mindset.

This micro-doc is one of several collaborations between Passenger and The Bush Foundation as part of the Bush Foundation’s “Bush Prize for Community Innovation” series.

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