Northfield HCI | Bush Prize for Community Innovation 2017

Northfield HCI | Bush Prize for Community Innovation 2017

“We believe strongly in the power and the voice of young people. One of our aims is that decisions should not be made about youth without youth being present in those conversations.”

-Zach Pruitt, Executive Director – Northfield HCI

Northfield Healthy Community Initiative (HCI) empowers youth by eliminating the disparities they face in the community. From individual coaching and academic assistance to leadership development and career exploration, HCI is drastically improving graduation rates for low-income youth, reducing opioid addiction, and putting youth in leadership positions on school district and non-profit boards. To learn more about the life-changing impact Northfield Healthy Community Initiative is making on its community, check out the film.

This micro-doc is one of several collaborations between Passenger and The Bush Foundation as part of the Bush Foundation’s “Bush Prize for Community Innovation” series.

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