Best Wishes To Andrew

Best Wishes To Andrew

About six years ago, I asked a colleague in town who he would recommend to help Passenger as I wrestled with a small but growing business. At the time, we were facing what many small companies do at some point in their growth—namely, how do I turn this experiment into something more formal, organized, and efficient? Without hesitation, my colleague said Andrew Reinartz.

That recommendation launched Passenger into a new phase of growth, as Andrew brought a rare mix of artistic perspective and pragmatic discipline. It’s not everyday you’ll meet an accomplished musician, philosopher, coder, and all-around decent human being in the same person. His unique skill sets freed me to grow artistically, allowing Passenger to better navigate the uncertainty of small business ownership.

Six years later, with mixed feelings of sadness and excitement for his next move, we are saying farewell to Andrew as he pursues his desire to work in the nonprofit sector. Andrew has left an indelible mark on Passenger that will be identifiable for years to come.

Thanks for your collaboration, hard work, patience, friendship and trust. We wish you the best of luck in your new endeavors, Andrew!



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