We’ve Got A New Website

We’ve Got A New Website

We’ve had a lot going on these past few weeks (as you may have seen with our recent project recap post on the blog), but another big thing we’re excited about is the launch of our new website. Thanks to the amazingly talented duo of Dave and Cassie Medema at NewOver, we’ve got a fantastic new site that does everything we want it to do—and looks good doing it.

The Medemas also put together new brand elements for us, including a logo that we also happen to like quite a bit. You can check out an animated version of it here:

Along with helping us highlight the directors and talent we work with on our projects, the new site helps us differentiate between our Passenger work and the individual creative projects our directors take on when they’re not working on Passenger projects.

Much thanks to the NewOver crew for their great work on this. If you have a minute, check out the site and see all of the great stuff Dave and Cassie put together.

We’ll be back with more info and updates soon.

-Passenger crew

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