Project Recap: The First National Bank in Sioux Falls

Project Recap: The First National Bank in Sioux Falls

The Passenger crew is excited to share a new project with The First National Bank in Sioux Falls. After seeing some of our recent work, the folks at FNBSF reached out for us to help them share their message of encouraging clients to stop dreaming and start doing.

To highlight that message, we worked with a handful of FNBSF clients who are living out that mindset right here locally. We filmed (and are still in the process of filming) a series of micro-documentaries that FNBSF can use in a number of ways. Here’s a quick recap of the project as well as some of the video pieces themselves.

The Work
For each of the first two clients, Nathan Rueckert of The Baseball Seams Company and June and Bobby George of Baan Dek Montessori, we filmed a set of 2-minute pieces that emphasized the dreams they had and how a partnership with The First National Bank helped them make those dreams a reality. From there, we were able to carve out 30-second and 15-second pieces for the client to use in social media and television.

To give you a look at some of those pieces, here are both the 2-minute and 30-second pieces for Baan Dek and for Baseball Seams Co.:

Baan Dek – Full

Baan Dek – 30 seconds

Baseball Seams Co. – Full

Baseball Seams Co. – 30 seconds

The Customization
One aspect that made these projects so fun was having the freedom to customize each piece. For starters, we worked with award-winning film composer Joel Pickard—who we worked with on our feature film, Of Minor Prophets—to create a custom score for each piece. Joel created exclusive music and custom sound design for each client. This gives each piece a soundtrack that makes a unique impact, whether it’s two minutes long or 15 seconds long.

We also went with an approach that used a thought-out shot list for purposeful B-roll footage, allowing us to shoot for effect rather than merely for coverage. In the end, this created a more powerful overall piece, as everything fit together and not a moment was wasted on-camera.

The Look
Since each piece focuses on “doing” and not just “dreaming,” we wanted to make things feel more active and forward-moving rather than simply reflecting on the past. Director Joe Hubers worked with the subjects to speak in an active voice. Additionally, we filmed the subjects facing frame left to frame right, implying forward thought to the future. Another visual cue to support the idea of forward movement was meaningful and prescribed camera movement.

We also used specific cameras and lenses that really pushed the levels of vibrancy and, ultimately, made things really feel alive, whether it was a person talking from his work bench or young learners actively learning in a busy classroom.

On the music side, Joel’s score was engineered to be propulsive, keeping the action moving forward audibly. In fact, the music itself never even comes to a close…it stays open because, to put it simply, the future is still open. The lives of FNBSF’s clients don’t just conveniently wrap up after the commercial ends. They are still moving forward and continuing to make their dreams a reality, which is what we wanted to convey.

The People
One of the best parts of this project was getting to work with a team that was so focused on creating a fantastic final outcome. The team at First National Bank worked with us to make the process as smooth as possible. Sometimes projects like these can be hampered by go-betweens and other restrictive circumstances. With this project, we held initial planning and strategy meetings with the team at FNBSF, and, with a collaborative vision in place, we were given the space to work creatively and make that vision a reality. This ultimately made for a stellar partnership.

The subjects of each piece were also fantastic to work with. Both Nathan and Bobby and June made this a really fluid project and their passion for what they do was contagious and inspiring.

The Wrap-Up
We want to thank The First National Bank of Sioux Falls for giving us a chance to work with them on these films. For an organization that prides itself on being an active part of its local community, it was really fun to help them share their stories of local clients who, with FNBSF’s help, are making their dreams a reality on a much larger scale.

We’ll have more pieces from this project coming soon, so be sure to keep your eyes open for those in the future.


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