Films that move

Powerful stories that move people to action

Making a compelling film doesn’t have to be mysterious

1. Tell us your story.

As part of a foundation, non-profit, NGO, or organization focused on the greater good, the work you're doing with and for your clients is making a difference. Now you want to show people how. That starts with a conversation.

2. Make a film.

We work together to craft a film that captures your voice—or your clients' voices—and shares that vision with the people who matter most.

3. Create movement.

Video content comes and goes. We help you connect in a way that stands out, lasts beyond a marketing campaign, and leads to real action.

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You want more than just a video

You want to show who you are and what you do in a way that moves people. But you’re also facing the ever-looming need for a strong return on investment.

We understand. In fact, we’ve been successfully communicating the story and vision of charitable foundations and non-profits for years. Our clients trust us to provide value with a project that can achieve goals—without sacrificing creativity.

Here's What You Can Expect

Evergreen Content

Together we'll create a film that lasts well beyond the lifespan of typical video content, providing value that does more than simply meet a short-term need.

Shared Vision

To put it bluntly, inter-office politics can be tricky in a non-profit environment. We work with you to ensure key stakeholders and decision-makers are just as satisfied with the project as you are.

A History of Success

We know the risks of investing your time, energy, and money into a film project. But after completing more than 100 short films, micro-documentaries, and other video projects with a variety of clients, we know what it takes to achieve the goals you’re trying to reach.

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