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New Over – The Off Week | Passenger

Husband and wife creative duo Dave and Cassie Medema do incredible work with their company, New Over. One of the reasons they stay so creative is their commitment to a somewhat surprising business decision—taking an entire week off from work. Every month. We enjoyed this collaboration with the New Over crew, both because they were…

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Fernson Brewing Company | Passenger

Sometimes the best projects take a little time to develop. The plan needs a little time to ferment, if you will. When it comes to our collaboration with Fernson Brewing Company, that process took three years. But over the course of those three years, we had a chance to help tell the story of a…

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Best Wishes To Andrew

About six years ago, I asked a colleague in town who he would recommend to help Passenger as I wrestled with a small but growing business. At the time, we were facing what many small companies do at some point in their growth—namely, how do I turn this experiment into something more formal, organized, and…

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