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EMERGE | Bush Prize for Community Innovation 2016

“Job placement is a band-aid, I think. But EMERGE is about helping people to establish a life…which means a career.” -Vince Frazier, EMERGE Workforce Coach EMERGE helps create economic opportunity and vitality in the north Minneapolis and Cedar Riverside communities by connecting people to housing, employment training, job placement and other in-demand social services. EMERGE…

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Wrapping Up 2016

Our crew at Passenger just wants to thank all of our clients (and friends and family) who made 2016 such a fantastic year. We had a great time working on a diverse array of projects. But for as different as each project was, one thing was pretty consistent—the organizations and the individuals we worked with…

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We’ve Got A New Website

We’ve had a lot going on these past few weeks (as you may have seen with our recent project recap post on the blog), but another big thing we’re excited about is the launch of our new website. Thanks to the amazingly talented duo of Dave and Cassie Medema at NewOver, we’ve got a fantastic new…

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