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De Smet Community Foundation | Bush Prize for Community Innovation 2016

“We don’t always want to look at the past. We want to make sure we’re progressing forward… We want the word to get out there that we are a very welcoming community, innovative community, progressive community…and I think we always will be.” -Jason Baszler, Board Member – De Smet Community Foundation The people of De…

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Plains Art Museum | Bush Prize for Community Innovation 2016

“We are interested in how useful an art museum can be in a community–especially people who are marginalized. What can art do to be part of the solutions for problems?” -Andrew J. Maus, Director and CEO – Plains Art Museum The Plains Art Museum isn’t exactly a “traditional” museum. It’s a dynamic and creative space…

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Men As Peacemakers | Bush Prize for Community Innovation 2016

“The mission of Men As Peacemakers is to engage individuals and communities in innovative strategies that promote equality, repair harm, and prevent violence against women in children.” -Sarah Curtiss, Program Director – Men As Peacemakers Men As Peacemakers (MAP) is on a mission to end violence against women and children. Through a diverse array of…

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