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OTA 2014 Video Spotlights – Round 2

(photo courtesy of Penny Burns  For the fifth year in a row, Passenger was proud to partner with OTA ( to provide content for their conferences. OTA expanded their scope to encompass multiple events in the three OTA states during 2014, so we decided to create a series of short documentaries profiling subjects that…

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Bush Prize for Community Innovation Story Series

Passenger has a van. It’s tall, looks like it’s from an NSA repo sale, and catches wind like a catamaran on the South Pacific. Unfortunately, a death grip on the steering wheel does little to keep the van from ambling across the center line on icy roads in North Dakota as each 40mph gust of…

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OTA 2014 Video Spotlights

For the fifth consecutive year, Passenger was proud to partner with OTA in providing content for the first OTA conference of 2014, held in Sioux Falls on April 4th. OTA is a collaborative of creative catalysts and community change makers that connects the social and creative capital of SD, ND, and MN. You can learn…

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