Joe Hubers


Joe is the owner and creative director at Passenger. He directed and edited the award-winning feature film ‘Of Minor Prophets,’ the internationally award-winning documentary ‘Riding With Ghosts,’ and the award-winning short, ‘A Common Occurrence.’ He also has an impressive portfolio of commercial work representing a wide range of clientele.

His diverse production experience in documentary and narrative filmmaking serves both Passenger’s clients and his own award-winning work.

Wes Eisenhauer


Wes Eisenhauer is a videographer, photographer and musician residing in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Wes has spent the last 10 years making music and touring the country as well as embracing many other creative pursuits and side hustles. His recent obsession with photo and video work has lead him down a new creative path, inspiring him to embrace the beauty and culture in his own back yard.

Isaac Show


In the field audio specialist / aerial photographer. Find me being most active as the CEO of Later Babes in Sioux Falls.

Andrew Reinartz


Andrew Reinartz is a film producer and professional musician. He has worked as a producer for feature-length films, commercial shoots, and documentaries. Andrew also is a bass player with a variety of classical, jazz, folk, & funk groups.

Mike Billeter


Mike Billeter is a creative marketing writer and strategist. One of his main strengths is an ability to morph his style to fit the needs of each unique client or project (like a writing chameleon, basically). His experience ranges from writing and editing to online content strategy and cross-country walking.