De Smet Community Foundation | Bush Prize for Community Innovation 2016

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“We don’t always want to look at the past. We want to make sure we’re progressing forward… We want the word to get out there that we are a very welcoming community, innovative community, progressive community…and I think we always will be.”

-Jason Baszler, Board Member – De Smet Community Foundation

The people of De Smet came together in 2006 with a goal of reversing the town’s population decline. They established the De Smet Community Foundation to achieve that goal. Led by a board of volunteer advisors, and with no full-time staff, the Foundation raises awareness and support for community improvement projects by partnering with residents, businesses and government. This has created community ownership of both the problems and their solutions, raising engagement community-wide—and the results speak for themselves. Today, De Smet is a bustling hub of activity, and the De Smet Community Foundation is a model for how towns across the region can thrive and succeed.

To learn more about the impact the De Smet Community Foundation is making in its community, check out the film.