Plains Art Museum | Bush Prize for Community Innovation 2016

BY Passenger Updates and Info

“We are interested in how useful an art museum can be in a community–especially people who are marginalized. What can art do to be part of the solutions for problems?”

-Andrew J. Maus, Director and CEO – Plains Art Museum

The Plains Art Museum isn’t exactly a “traditional” museum. It’s a dynamic and creative space that combines thoughtful art curation with educational offerings, events, and other active projects and efforts. The Museum also partners with Native, Sudanese and Kurdish communities, helping build visibility for many of Fargo‚Äôs cultural traditions. On top of that, thousands of kids and teens have been impacted through its various youth-focused initiatives. The Plains Art Museum has built a thriving artistic community by integrating art and public life, providing a welcoming community for all ages.

To learn more about the Plains Art Museum is redefining what a museum should be, watch the film.